IT Network Installations

When moving into a new office, it is vital that all IT requirements are identified and a plan is put in place to ensure that all of your technology needs are met at your new location. We act as your dedicated IT Manager to ensure that every requirement is met. If we determine that additional infrastructure is necessary, we manage the installation process for you. You can rest assured that every detail will be taken care and if anything isn't to your liking we will fix it free of charge!

Services That We Provide

Infrastructure Management
We provide a full IT consultancy service to ensure that your business has access to the latest technology available at your new location. We also manage the entire installation process to ensure every detail is taken care of.
Ethernet Cabling
If your new location needs new Ethernet cabling, we run and terminate cabling to a CAT 6 standard and ensure that you have enough floor ports to meet your current and future requirements.
Server Room Installation
One of our engineers will professionally rackmount all IT equipment, making sure it’s neatly laid out, and all cables are labelled and easily identifiable.
Internet Setup and Connectivity
Working with your internet provider we manage the installation and configuration of your internet connection to ensure that you have a stable, reliable connection that meets your business requirements.
Hosted VOIP Phone Installation
We can provide your business with a flexible phone solution that will not only save you money but is also quick to setup and allows your workers to use their phones anywhere in the world!
Secure Wireless Network Setup
One of our experts will analyse the new office location to determine the best placement for access points so that the entire office has a strong WIFI signal.

Why use Tek24 to help relocate your office?

1.  We are an experienced team of engineers who work to an extremely high standard, always ensuring the best quality of work
2.  One point of contact for all IT related work
3.  Complete peace of mind. We only send out the invoice when all requirements have been met and you are a satisfied customer.

Relocating your IT infrastructure needn't be a headache. We will help you to effectively plan and implement a seamless move that has your business running at full capacity in no time.
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