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Microsoft Office 365 is the number one choice for businesses looking for cloud-based productivity and collaboration applications. Since launch in 2011, Office 365 has quickly established itself as the leading hosted email solution.
Moving email to the cloud gives businesses the confidence that one of the most vital resources will always be accessible, anytime, anywhere, and anyhow. Office 365 simplifies the organisation’s server environment and can often remove the need for an on-premise Exchange server (and its associated resources) altogether.

Why Choose Tek24 To Manage Your Migration?

Microsoft Office 365 is an incredibly popular hosted email solution and can provide a simple solution to enterprise email. Unfortunately for most companies the migration to Office 365 isn’t straightforward. That is why the migration needs to be handled expertly.

We have a team of email and messaging experts, with a combined IT experience exceeding 26 years. We have seen and overcome all the challenges that an Office 365 migration can throw up and will deliver a seamless migration from on-premise Exchange servers to Office 365.
Office 365


 Choosing The Correct Migration Method

It won’t take more than a quick search on Google to be furnished with information that tells you that you can complete a migration to Office 365 in “5 easy steps”. However, in reality only the smallest organisations get away with these oversimplified migrations. For everyone else, there are four types of migration that Microsoft supports. Choosing and implementing the right migration strategy is essential to ensuring the seamless continuation of a business that is free of problems further down the line.


Minimal Downtime

Most organisations can’t afford any downtime to their email system. That’s why we have developed best practices to address them. The migration solution can ensure a fast transition with minimal downtime to your business’s most vital communication service.

Top 6 Features of Office 365

  1.  Guaranteed SLA of 99.9% uptime
  2.  Available in any location on almost any device
  3.  Latest version of Office available on up to 5 devices for each employee

      4.   Malware and SPAM protection include
      5.   1 TB personal OneDrive for Business Storage
      6.   Corporate compliance management

"My Office 365 migration went smoothly and I am very satisfied with the support provided to me by Tek24."

- Bryan Paton, Caltyarow

"The migration was carried out with a minimum of fuss and with no problems. The service before and after were both excellent."

- Paul Roxburgh, MRA Search

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